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My even newest pic!

2009-12-24 12:45:26 by Tiger951

This is a pic of Kakashi from Naruto.
It is probabally my best pic i will ever draw.
If you like it reccomend me.
He is kind of a chibi Kakashi.
I did not color it.

My even newest pic!

My newest pic

2009-12-17 16:04:07 by Tiger951

I have made another pic of toad from mario you should check it out.
And if you havn't seen my pic of Chibi Boy you should look at that to. Also check out Kakashi Hataka
If you like it please reccomend me.

My newest pic

My new Pic

2009-12-16 13:35:41 by Tiger951

Ok i have made a new pic, and deleted my pics that i think are not good OK YOU HAPPY NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really would love it if you reccomend me to the art portal.
And if you think that one of my pics need to be deleted tell me and i might.
Here is my pic. I also put in another pic. Check it out.

My new Pic

My pics!

2009-12-09 16:07:28 by Tiger951

I have posted some pics on newgrounds. But i have to be reccomended into the art portal. I would very much appreciate it if you reccomended me. Oh and yes my pics are not very good.


2009-11-23 14:37:29 by Tiger951

Why are ppl deleting my posts when they are good posts??? I understand why if i posted a bad comment. But not if i posted a good comment.

Another fun game

2009-04-11 13:51:23 by Tiger951

Another really fun game is portal defenders you should check it out!!!

Really fun game

2009-04-11 13:12:51 by Tiger951

A really fun game is Dad n Me. It is the best beat up game I have ever played!!